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Monthly Archives: January 2012

How to import the database and tables with phpMyAdmin

We assume that you are logged in cpanel – phpMyAdmin.  PhpMyAdmin main screen is divided into two parts. The left side, where you will find your database that you have created. The following database right, you’ll see the name of the table in the database.  The right side is a large window, and this is where the [Read More]

Cpanel : How to create mysql database for beginners

Let’s learn how to make MySQL database. MySQL databases allow you to save a lot of information easily accessed from the website. In the main cPanel page, scroll down to the database, and click on MySQL Databases icon. This will take you to the MySQL database. There are boxes under the title Create New Database. Type a [Read More]

Secure FTP using FileZilla

To ensure the security of data transfer via FTP please use SFTP when access to the server via FTP. Step 1: Click File  Step 2: Click “New Site” and name your connection  Step 3: Enter the domain name or IP address  Step 4: Select the server type “SFTP”  Step 5: Select the login type “Normal”  [Read More]


A number of sites based in the United States, on Wednesday, yesterday (18/01/2012), finally really do blackout, some even up to shut down while their service. Blackout is done as a protest action against the service provider bill an anti-piracy (anti-piracy bill) in the U.S.. The draft laws is twofold, ie Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA [Read More]

Chrome surpasses Firefox

Overtaking failed: Chrome had a little ‘time in the viewfinder and in November, Firefox has finally crowned the pursuit. The Google browser has, in fact, climbed over his rival in the ranking of most popular browsers : overtaking very least, we speak of half a percentage point, but it is evidence of a trend that was highlighted [Read More]

How to setup google apps with cpanel

Skip all the “how to” about Google apps MX and CNAME records get Afiahost Hosting with 2 click Google Apps Cpanel, Google Apps up and running in No Time, Step 1: Initial explanation of what is Google Apps is and how to open a Google Apps account and selection of the domain to configure. Step [Read More]

How to Increase Speed ​​Of Your Website

Reduce the number of  links to sites. optimizing image file sizes used in your website. You can use CSS techniques, or break the image into several smaller images with the help of the table so that the total size is much smaller than using a large resolution image. If you are using a CMS like Joomla, [Read More]

Softaculous Web Hosting

Use Softaculous to install software with just one click to your Afiahost account. Install blogs, wikis, shopping carts, forums, social networking applications and more with one click. Build your website faster and easier at Afiahost. Everyone can do it! Auto install 250+ software applications with Softaculous to your Afiahost account! View the complete software list. Here [Read More]

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