Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

For the bloggers or who have a website , you definitely want to know how many people are visiting your web site. To find out how many people visit your website or blog, you definitely need an analytic engine traffic websites, and therefore, Google Analytics is the answer. This article will teach you how to […]

Create a Blog For Any Purposes Easily

When people began to be interested in trying to build a blog , which first occurred in mind how difficult it usually is to build from scratch, especially if it is not qualified at all about blogging and coding programming to make it from scratch. Once you intend to build a blog, too mainstream mindset that […]

Tips On Preventing Hacking WordPress Site

Hacking wordpress   is done for various purposes, the most popular one is to disturb the position in search engines. As more and more people are aware that the world of the Internet is fertile ground for making money, news and more frequent cases of hacking into sound. The process varies from entering a certain code […]