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Google steps which prioritizes search results based on Google + has made ​​three major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, unite to create a “weapon” to went. The tools created, it was named “Do not be evil”. This name was adopted from the motto of Google itself. Indeed, “Do not be evil” is an add-on(assistive devices) to display search results more objectively related to social networking sites that exist in the world.

Beginning in January 2012, Google is already doing update retrieval system, dubbed “Search, plus Your World” (SPYW), Inside are features of the Personal Results, which can show a more personalized search results for its users. If you do a search with Google, then on the right side of the page will pop up several relevant links from Google +. However, Google does not show links from other social networks.
Google’s actions are judged very unfairly by Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, because Google + is at the forefront of search results. For this reason, the  programmer  of the three social networks to make  the add-on “Do not be evil”. The protest was at once warned Google to be more focused to serve what the user sought, rather than promote its products.

Not only is it the developers who create a group named “Focus on the User” in a statement said:

When you search with the keyword “cooking” then Google will display the search results from social networks owned by chef Jamie Oliver. It is of course true, but instead of showing Jamie tweet that is updated every day, which appears Google is Google + Jamie’s profile last updated in two months ago. Is Google’s relevance alogritma been wrong? No. If you search with keywords directly Jamie Oliver, eat his Twitter profile will be immediately displayed and Google did not even show Google profile + Jamie’s on the first page.

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