our personal data and photos leaked burglarized hackers? Scary is not it? It is on the rise-proliferation occurs in a few days ago. Even to personal photographs artists famous Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence has broken through iCloud. Many websites online security suggest the importance of using security software such as firewalls and the like when using the Internet facilities in public spaces.

However, should remain vigilant, especially you want to access the website administrator or a bank account in a public place. Online crime can happen anytime and stalking, including when you are off guard. Like many in the know are very vulnerable wifi system compromised by hackers.

there are a few tips to avoid intruders from the Internet in public places:

  1. Use passwords with a combination of characters that are difficult to guess, the hackers typically scanning login process (applies to accounts your website or e banking account you)
  2. Turn off wifi when it is not used, other than for reasons other security is also a great way to save battery life of your mobile device
  3. Make sure that your website has access to the SSL feature, with this feature the login information will be encrypted, thereby reducing the possibility of hacking terjdinya
  4. Make sure the SSID is connected to your laptop wifi true of the original, sometimes the hackers infiltrated by providing fake wifi facility. Pretend as an access point
  5. Use the hidden connections, can use a private proxy or VPN
  6. Always logout, simple but many miss and fatal berakitat

Indeed, there is always a gap which is used by people not responsible for access to your account, but if the above steps have been done that possibility can be reduced.