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How to Keep Visitors on yout Website Longer

After creating a website, then search for understanding of how to get high traffic to a website, then the next challenge which many found by the webmaster is how to make that at home and want to linger longer on your site. If the parameter is google analytics bounce rate, the lower the bounce rate [Read More]

website tips for new owners

For example, you will be launching a website to market. Before making the content interesting and start doing promotion, the first thing should be done is that, make sure your website has been set up properly. The goal is to make the content and promotion will you be more effectively. Take advantage of the website traffic monitoring [Read More]

blog traffic tips

Once you master how to create a blog, then you should do next step how to promote your blog to keep visitors busy. One way to  increase visitors blog  is diligently and meticulously to promote your blog to various places on the internet. In this way must be done to make your blog famous. If your blog has spread everywhere, the number of [Read More]


“Search engine optimization may be just one small part of internet marketing strategy, but this is a fundamental part. Search engine marketing is the cornerstone. If you do not want to do anything else, “search engine placement” and “keyword-related advertising” can give 80% to 90% ROI on the Internet. ” – Brand Week Online Magazine Search engin marketing or [Read More]

Why Drupal CMS Over Other CMS

Drupal CMS provides more precise control to set the URL structure. Each content item in Drupal CMS (called nodes) can be given a custom URL (called a URL alias). In the CMS (content management system) such other as you would normally limited to one type for all posts permalink.You can replace the “post slug”, but still less precise than the [Read More]


For those who frequent connected with the internet, especially in the blogging world we would have been very familiar with the wordpress CMS. WordPress is a CMS that is created and intended for the creator of the blog in order to create and build process can be done with a quick and very easy. The question now, why most [Read More]

Tips For Making Your Website Load Faster

In addition to thinking about the aesthetic value of a website design, speed of loading for the appearance of a website is also one of the factors you should consider. Because this factor into deciding whether or not a user comfortable visiting your website For instance when making a website gallery. The image file is [Read More]

How to Increase Speed ​​Of Your Website

Reduce the number of  links to sites. optimizing image file sizes used in your website. You can use CSS techniques, or break the image into several smaller images with the help of the table so that the total size is much smaller than using a large resolution image. If you are using a CMS like Joomla, [Read More]

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