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Choosing A Good Domain Name in 2013

Visitors will find your website with the domain name. The domain name has two parts: a name and extension (com, org, co.id, etc.). A domain name that is meaningful and easy to remember is a great asset. The site name should also be the site domain name. When people think about your site, they think of the name. If your [Read More]

Tips on Buying a Web Domain

Domain registration is one of the easiest steps in starting a website. Accordingly, you can buy a domain depending on your needs. It may be that you stick to that certain domain name and check if it works for your website later on. Whatever your purpose for buying, it is important to know your needs [Read More]

Identify With Your Domain Name

Use common sense when choosing a domain name because your domain name or URL, can have an impact on the online and offline marketing of your website. Long or difficult to spell domain names can cause people to ignore your site and it must be good enough for them to stick to it (for example, [Read More]

Domain Names And Search Engine

The length of the recording of their domain name of the website affect the search engine optimization and results? If you renew your domain for a longer period? And if so, how long time? If you want to be ahead of your competitors, then you might consider reviewing how long your competitors have registered their [Read More]

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