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How to Keep Visitors on yout Website Longer

After creating a website, then search for understanding of how to get high traffic to a website, then the next challenge which many found by the webmaster is how to make that at home and want to linger longer on your site. If the parameter is google analytics bounce rate, the lower the bounce rate [Read More]

How to prevent Pingback DDoS attacks to your WordPress

You already know what the Bruteforce attacks that recently swept WordPress. And you know what that means Pingback DDoS attack? In this article will present several gaps in WordPress, which performs the so-called. “Pingback DDoS” attack by xmlrpc.php. And in addition we offer 5 solutions that will effectively help you to protect yourself against this [Read More]

Why does my business need a website? How to beat the competition?

Nowadays, owning a company website and hosting is not fancy, it is not a matter of luxury – it is a must for any modern business. In current market conditions, if running your own business, you not only need a website – you should have one, because the resources of the Internet today are used [Read More]

Attracta – Free SEO tool from Afiahost.com

Quality web content is essential for the positioning of companies online. The apparent quality content you may be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business, especially when it depends on the Internet. For many companies today, SEO or search engine optimization is key to online visibility. There are many ways your site from getting [Read More]

How to transfer your main domain to subfolder?

Each hosting account is linked to a primary domain that uses a root directory (folder) where the files are located on your site. And so by the time you decide to arrange your virtual space and organize your files so they can be more easily accessible and discoverable for yourself. It then comes the moment [Read More]

How to remove malicious code (malware) on your Joomla website

Joomla has become the preferred CMS (system content management) to develop a web site that provides you with many options and features through which to develop interesting and personalized website. Protection against attacks is equally necessary and important to have a really workable and functional website. removing malware from your Joomla site can sometimes be [Read More]

we have re designed our website

We’ve redesigned our Web site to help make it easier to use! Reply back and let us know what you think on admin(@)afiahost.com

Cost of Web Hosting Services ?

Choosing a web hosting service appropriately is an important aspect in lowering the cost of your website. Web hosting industry grew at a tremendous pace, so finding the right host is not only difficult, but very time consuming, fortunately though it requires time and effort. There are a few things to keep in mind when exploring, when he decided [Read More]

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