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cPanel hosting You have to really pay attention to the selection of a provider of cPanel hosting if you want full control on your own website. Some web hosting will give it at very cheap even free, but required an extra flair to check the quality of their services. Types of hosting like this usually do not give full power to you to access the cPanel and freely intervene in setting your website.

cPanel hosting provides several advantages that can not be denied to its effectiveness, especially those that pay. actually its work with linux base, but do not worry, you don’t need Linux  knowledge to be able to use it. Although it is very easy to understand cPanel hosting, but it is very important for you to choose carefully the hosting provider. 24-hour security and availability of customer service is the first thing you should consider.

Here are some benefits of Afiahost hosting with cPanel:

  1. Easy for beginners . cPanel hosting is the web-based interfaces that will allow you to create a blog, e-commerce, or other websites. You do not have to be an expert in terms of coding to operate it.
  2. Cheap . The price of a cPanel hosting is quite cheap when considering the function of the executable
  3. Complete control . A cPanel hosting will allow you to control tasks such as disk space resources, creation of sub domains, set up FTP, email and web store MySQL data with only a single page interface is easy to understand.
  4. Non-stop assistant . By having a cPanel hosting, then your website will be available to receive visitors in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you awake during that time.
  5. Open for support . It has support for unification with third parties, so that hosting providers can offer it in an installation package for some open source basis. If not available, you can do it yourself with a few simple clicks.
  6. Flexibility in pricing and services . The cost for cPanel hosting is not a one time payment, but periodically, allowing you to continue to develop what is in it with the price adjustment for more services.

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