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After Megaupload forcibly closed by the FBI over allegations have been doing online piracy, now turn to an online data storage site FileSonic close the service file sharing it. Not long ago, police in New Zealand and Europe has made ​​several arrests related to the investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) towards Megaupload.com site.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (1/23/2012), based on the SOPA and PIPA Megaupload accused of copyright piracy worth USD500 million, and generates approximately more than USD175 million of subscription services and advertising. However, Megaupload lawyer said that the company is only offering an online storage warehouse.

FileSonic who claims to be “Unlimited Storage Company,” at last said that they currently only allow the user to access his own data. “All the features that are shared in FileSonic vulnerable utilized for plowing has been discontinued. Our services can only be used for uploading and downloading data that has been personally uploaded by the customer, “he said.

FileSonic also suspend reward programs that reward for the users when they download their files. Some users mentioned, the digital locker website was started to delete some files even the user account.Quoted from Cnet, on Monday (1/23/2012), FileSonic not just another site that runs the world cyberlocker.The site is also located in the top 10 popular file sharing site on the internet, with a quarter of a billion page views per month. Removal of some features of the prima facie FileSonic atmosphere of fear in an online sharing community,

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