For the bloggers or who have a website , you definitely want to know how many people are visiting your web site. To find out how many people visit your website or blog, you definitely need an analytic engine traffic websites, and therefore, Google Analytics is the answer. This article will teach you how to use Google Analytics, even if you are a beginner.

Google Analytics is one of the main tools out there for analyzing traffic on your web site. With a little setup, Google Analytics will give you some information about who’s visiting your web site, what they are looking for, and how they get there.You also can find out whether or not your website is quality through-information information from Google Analytics,

With just a little practice, along with the information in this article, you can use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to monitor all aspects of web site traffic, from referrals to search engines.

How do I use Google Analytics? Let us consider the following steps:

Step One: Set Up Your Account

To use Google Analytics, you must create a Google account. It will provide a unique identifier to add to your site. You can only access the information on your own website, you will not be allowed access to information for other sites unless the site owner explicitly give it to you. Here are the steps in setting up your Google Analytics account:

    1. Sign in to your Google Analytics website (http: // www.
    2. If you do not have a Google account, click “Sign Up Now”, which is located to the left of the sign-in box. This will take you to a page where you can sign up for a Google account.
    3. If you have a Google account, use the email address and password to sign in
    4. Click the Sign Up button to continue
    5. In the next window, Google provides a charging URL for the site you want to analyze
    6. Provide the name of the site that is easy to remember. If you want to keep track of multiple sites, it is very important to facilitate the search
    7. Choose your country based on the state site. Then select the appropriate time zone (If your site is based in India but all your users are in the United States, you can choose the time zone for the United States to find out when in the day they mostly prefer to use your site)
    8. Click “Continue”
    9. In the next window, there is a form of your contact information
    10. Click “Continue”
    11. In the next window there is a confirmation of the Google Analytics service. If you agree with them, click the “Yes”
    12. Click on “Create New Account”
    13. Google will provide you with a block of code. Copy this – you have to insert it into your website.

Step two:  Insert JavaScript Google Analytics Into Your Pages

You must enter a code that Google Analytics provides you with to every page you want tracked. If you have a technical person who takes care of your yard, you can have them add the code for you. To insert Google Analytics code, you need to get into your HTML page.

    1. If you use a service like WordPress, you must open the file footer.php to put this code
    2. Search for </ body> tag at the very bottom, just above the page </ html>
    3. If you have a template, enter the code to them as well
    4. Once you have uploaded the pages back to your site, you can start tracking information