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How to Keep Visitors on yout Website Longer

After creating a website, then search for understanding of how to get high traffic to a website, then the next challenge which many found by the webmaster is how to make that at home and want to linger longer on your site.

If the parameter is google analytics bounce rate, the lower the bounce rate means that the longer a visitor from your site and it means your site is of good quality so as to make them feel at home and linger long. To understand more about the bounce rate in google analytics,

To make visitors feel at home and want to read page after page of the site there own tricks and tips that it can be achieved, among which are:

  1. Make an interesting design is one of the key, a good website design will make people feel comfortable and feel at home for long. Indulge the eye of visitors is the key, if you do not understand and master the technique of making design a website can ask for help on website creation service that has been experienced.
  2. Provide content that is informative and useful, you would often hear the content is king and it is indeed true. With good content will make visitors feel your articles useful to them, comes the desire to read other articles.
  3. Make serial article, these tips are suitable for those who his visitor was little and want the visitor to come back on a regular basis. By making concatenated / glow readers will be curious to follow article that you created and make it come back or read the previous article.

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