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joomla website how to make it


Create a joomla website can be done offline in advance and then uploaded. Offline can use localhost as a web server with XAMPP, WAMP, and several other PHP. Or maybe web masters prefer to make a joomla website online

Actually it’s easier to install automatically using one click auto installer , but sometimes features are not available with the latest version in hosting control panel.  No need to worry you can still make a joomla website easily through cPanel. Installation can be done manually by creating a database in cPanel.

Steps to create a joomla website are as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of  joomla.org
  2. Log into cPanel
  3. Find databases tab and open
  4. Select MySQL databases will appear stuffing for creaate databases cerate new databases click the confirmation screen appears click on Go Back
  5. Look for the menu entries do MySQL Users username and passowrd create username confirmation screen appears click on Go Back
  6. Find menus Add User To Database would seem username and database name that had been made.
  7. upload downloaded Joomla package to the directory public_html.

At this point it must be ensured smooth internet connection to avoid corrupt files. The next step to make is:

  1. Sign In cPanel select the File Manager will appear press Go public_html directory is still empty
  2. Click the Upload tab at the top left will open the screen for the upload
  3. Press the browse select the file which we will choose a location to upload the files meletakkaan wait until the upload is 100%
  4. After all uploaded and open a new tab in the browser type the domain name open the screen to install joomla
  5. Will appear some direction and guidance,  according to directions respectively.
  6. When the box appears the instructions to replace the file configuration.php-dst to configuration.php and change the copy code that appears in the box the instructions earlier in the configuration.php file.
  7. After installation is complete remove the delete folder instalation through cPanel.

After that we can access the web by typing its name in the browser. To make arrangements to go to a page with an administrator by typing the web address / administrator username and password and then fill in joomla.

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