Without a second thought, we can say that yes link building plays a crucial role in the ranking algorithm. Whether you are new to this link building concept or have a little knowledge about the same, we are certain you’ll uncover something valuable in this piece of write-up. It’s needless to mention that the landscape of link building and Search Engine Optimization is always altering, and today, here we are going to discuss the importance of building high-quality links for getting top rankings in search engines.

According to a recent ranking study done by a reputed digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting on the significance of links has just been released. The latest study reveals clearly how links are as influential as ever for top ranking in the Google search results.

Many folks assume that links are a declining ranking signal in Google’s search results, but according to this three-year link study in a row reveals how links play a prevailing role in ranking signal and continue to remain that way. The study used a number of models to demonstrate why links are considered as a powerful ranking factor. There are about 6000 uncertainties that are used in 3-year studies to test the algorithm.

In the late 1990s, Google dominated the search engines results and after that links are considered as a ranking factor. The linking factor was so much effectual because it was based upon the notion that a link will be assumed as a vote of assurance about a page and the page or site not getting links didn’t deserve it and rank low in search engine results.

In spite of that fact, the broad harmony among the SEO EXPERTS is that links play an immense role in that algorithm. Along with all these trends and updates, Google has become more refined and focused on quality of the links and thus filtering out low-grade links. This unswervingly impacts SEO, as they need to make certain the link building method they opt focus principally on that quality. In simpler words, we can say if a web page is not related to a query, it shouldn’t rank in search results. That is, certainly, understandable, but the conversation here is much more different from that.

In short, the complete target of the topic is to discuss why links are presently playing an as imperative role as they were a few years ago and why links will still continue to be vital in the expected future. So the revaluation’s are quite interesting as many people think links role is declining in ranking, but this study shows the contradictory.

by Rohit Bisht