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.htaccess Tutorial

This tutorial will explain what it is .htaccess and how it functions to maximize your website that are in .

Although .htaccess is a file, but .htaccess can change the settings on the server and allow you to do many different things, as an example is to use .htaccess you can create your own 404 pages.
.htaccess is not difficult to use because they only need to put some simple instructions in a text file is then saved by name .htaccess

What is the use .htaccess?

Perhaps you are wondering what can be done by .htaccess, or maybe you’ve read about it but did not realize that many things you can do with .htaccess.

Here are some of functions .htaccess

* Mem-protected Folders / Protect Folder with password
* Transferring your website visitors with an automatic
* Create pages error display your own message
* Reject the visitors with a specific IP Address
* Change your file extension
* Only allow certain visitors with IP Address
* Allow / Reject list directory

Create .htaccess files

.htaccess file is a text file that has no name but has a length of 8 letter extension.
An easy way to create this file by creating a file ending in. Txt and then when you are finished making, you just need to twist them .htaccess

If you have trouble changing the name of the file you can change it to htaccess.txt and then upload the file to your hosting account. After the file uploads you can change the name to use an FTP program you have or use the File Manager you can access through your cpanel.

Creating own error message page

By using .htaccess you can create an error message page that can be used for your own website and no longer uses the default settings from the server.
By using their own error message page can make your site look more professional in handling errors that occur even allow you to create scripts that can tell you if an error occurred.

You can use your own error message as long as you know the code used (such as 404 for the page can not be found / page not found) by adding the command below into the file .htaccess you:

ErrorDocument code / file.html

For example if you have a file in the root directory notfound.html from your site and want to use it for 404, you can use the line below:

ErrorDocument 404 / notfound.html

If the file is not in the root directory of your website, you just need to add a directory structure in, for example:

ErrorDocument 404 / error / notfound.html

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How To Learn Photoshop Free

Its Really a big deal for most people. To do this the program in your computer in order to manipulate your pictures as your desire allows. With this in hand, you ensure that you have taken the digital images you get can be improved even before they get printed. This to give away beautiful pictures to friends and relatives more reason.

However, it is enough that you do not have Photoshop program installed in your computer. It should be that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop you can do things that you want. As it is very important to get a Photoshop tutorial.

There are programs such as Photoshop where you can learn skills or to hire a tutor recruitment options. You also have books that will teach you aspects of the program can choose to buy. The options that are open to you. However, you also have a better option might be to get a free Photoshop tutorials. Here, you spend the extra money in your pocket without having to get to learn a new skill.

Free Photoshop Tutorials

There are many ways for you to get a free Photoshop tutorials. Make sure you use these options to get can be sure it’s a good thing rather than save their extra money. If you could have done for free, just take it and most of it out.

Ask a friend for help in Photoshop

Some people fortunate enough to have friends and relatives who are skilled in Photoshop application. If you happen to own a friend, you ask him or her to teach basic Photoshop. It is to find a good free Photoshop tutorials. You learn as a bonding activity that can use the extra time.

Explore the Photoshop program

If it happens that you give to any friend can access the tutorial, you can program to explore Photoshop. Provide basic tutorials with established manufacturers. You easily can check the options for the basic of tutorials. This to explain how some commands to work when they can use. You can read instructions and step-by-step process. There are also tutorials using Photoshop software that actually can scenes version. You definitely will enjoy to see a project is developed.

Download Online Files

You also can get free Photoshop tutorials online. There are many web sites that will give help for free are. You use the tutorial in PDF format and instructions can. You browse through the sites to discuss a particular topic can find. You can also see tutorials in video format of choice is love.

Ask for online help

You get online help for the manufacturer can provide an alternative. However, you also surprisingly different discussion boards and forums where other Photoshop users can get to find convergence. Them an opportunity to get free Photoshop tutorials can be. Post your question and you expect other users to give you advice you may need.


Get your free Photoshop tutorials and learn the skills needed to operate the basic program. This way, you can turn out great pictures Into good image.

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What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an Instant/Auto Installer. Softaculous helps users to install free/open source software in minutes. A user can install a software, available in Softaculous, without having to download/upload any files, change any files. Additionally we have made it possible for the user to choose the software they think is the best, after showing them ratings voted by users who have already tested and used the software. In short, Softaculous just helps you to install software really FAST.

How do I get to Softaculous?

After you have logged into your cPanel, scroll down to Software/Services. You will see an icon that says “Softaculous”. Click on the icon to access Softaculous.

What is on the home screen?

After you open Softaculous, you will notice a lot on the main screen.

The first section gives you an overview of the features of Softaculous (all of which we will cover).

Scrolling down further will show you the recent, up to date news from the Softaculous team. This will show you new software releases, updates and many other features.

How do I install a program?

Installing a program is very simple with Softaculous.

All of the programs offered are on the left side of the screen.

What do the buttons on the top right of my screen do?

The buttons on the top right of the screen are the buttons you will use to navigate Softaculous (all of which will be explained later).

How do I return to my cPanel?

Clicking the first button on the top right of your screen (hammer) will instantly return you to your cPanel.

How do I go back to the Softaculous home page?

Clicking the second button on the top right of your screen (house) will instantly return you to the page you first saw when you opened Softaculous.

What are script demos?

Clicking the third button on the top right of your screen (play) will instantly take you to the demos page.

On the script demo page, you will see the logo for all of the software offered from Softaculous.

Clicking any of these programs will open a new window in your browser. This window will imitate what you would see once you install the program you have selected. The demos page is a great way to test the software before installing it.

How do I view the rating of a script?

Clicking the forth button on the top right of your screen (star) will instantly take you to the script rating page.

On the script ratings page, you will see the logo for all of the software offered from Softaculous.

Clicking any of these logos will take you to that software rating page. For this example, we will use Serendipity.

On the ratings page, you will find the number of stars different users have given the software. At the bottom, you will find the average rating. On the right, you will find buttons to rate the software yourself.

How do I delete an installation?

Clicking the fifth button on the top right of your screen (box) will instantly take you to a page which lists all of your installations.

On the page with your installations, click the “Remove” button. Again, we will use Serendipity as an example.

Click the “Remove Installation” button.

You will then get a confirmation that your installation has been successfully removed.

Where can I access my settings?

Clicking the sixth button on the top right of your screen (tools) will instantly take you to your settings.

From your settings page, you can choose your language, whether to expand or collapse your menu and your time zone.

Where can I change my email settings?

Clicking the seventh button on the top right of your screen (mail) will instantly take you to your email options.

From your email settings page, you can choose which email address you would like to be your default and whether or not you would like an email to confirm installation and un-installation of a software.

How can I sync Softaculous with other auto installers?

Clicking the eight button on the top right of your screen (sync/refresh) will instantly take you to your sync/import page.

From here you can sync or import software from any other auto installer.

What if I need help?

Clicking the ninth button on the top right of your screen (question mark) will instantly take you the Softaculous FAQs.

For other questions and support, contact us here.

For more  Softaculous software and hosting, look no further than