.htaccess Tutorial

This tutorial will explain what it is .htaccess and how it functions to maximize your website that are in Afiahost.com . Although .htaccess is a file, but .htaccess can change the settings on the server and allow you to do many different things, as an example is to use .htaccess you can create your own […]

How To Learn Photoshop Free

Its Really a big deal for most people. To do this the program in your computer in order to manipulate your pictures as your desire allows. With this in hand, you ensure that you have taken the digital images you get can be improved even before they get printed. This to give away beautiful pictures […]

AfiaHost.com About Softaculous

What is Softaculous? Softaculous is an Instant/Auto Installer. Softaculous helps users to install free/open source software in minutes. A user can install a software, available in Softaculous, without having to download/upload any files, change any files. Additionally we have made it possible for the user to choose the software they think is the best, after […]