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Why Would You Need a Google Rank Tracking API?

Whether you own an SEO tools website or you run an SEO business, the ability to track and report to customers the Google ranking for their specific keywords will be an essential part of the service that you provide. Of course, you could always do a manual Google search and then sift through the results [Read More]

Benefits of PHP Website Development

With the growing prominence of web development service, Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP has flared its dominance. This general purpose programming language is widely used for developing dynamic websites. Owing to several benefits of PHP, it is used in more than 20 million websites and finds application in more than a million of web servers. Custom [Read More]

Facebook Tips – Take the Advantages and Avoid the Disadvantages

There are many cases that occur because of Facebook. For example, you may have ever read about an employee who got fired because of writing “bored at work” on the status box which apparently checked by the manager. There are also lawsuit cases of people who think that Facebook made hem have to bear embarrassment [Read More]

Top 5 Marketing Tools you can use for your WordPress Website

A website’s content goes into the market to return with customers. Here we have provide top 5 marketing tools to use for a wordpress website. These top 5 marketing tools make that return:- 1. Google Analytics  Google invented analytics for tracking and reporting traffic. This premium service is free offering a freemium. Words used to [Read More]

How SMO Or Social Media Optimization is Done?

The market has become a tough place to survive and most of the companies which indulge in online businesses are resorting to several techniques in order to maintain their stand. This similar technique of survival is also being used immensely in the field of advertising and internet marketing. The advertising professionals have started making use [Read More]

Best PHP Based ECommerce Platforms

In addition to being the most popular server-side programming language, PHP has been evolving consistently to simplify development of websites and web application. The latest version of PHP also comes with several new language features, enhanced speed and reduced resource consumption. Hence, you can always consider developing your ecommerce application with PHP 7 to make [Read More]

Tips On Doing SEO For Small Business

There is a common understanding that SEO or search engine optimization is just for big businesses and corporations who want to extend their market reach online. Search engine optimization is not just the domain of large companies; small businesses also need the services of SEO in order to compete well in the market. So how [Read More]

Top Ten Tips for Winning a Lowest Unique Bid Auction

1. Bid early The earlier you bid, the more of an idea you will have of what is happening with the auction. Just a few strategically placed bids will let you see from your bidding table roughly where the lowest unique bid is at any time. 2. Keep checking Just because you are currently winning [Read More]

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