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turn how to Prevent wordpress hacking attacks

Turn WordPress hosting is one of your favorite website developer at this time, no other is as a blogging platform is very easy to use.You do not need to master a programming language to be able to master this CMS. But unfortunately there are important points that are sometimes forgotten by the users, ie the safety factor.

Learning from the experience of friends who had it first, then we should be anticipated by installing a security plugin for wordpress called WP Firewall 2. Until now WP Firewall 2 by recognized as a plugin is quite powerful in securing our blog.

This plugin is able to withstand several attacks blogs such as XSS, Sql Injection, and others. Here it is some excess plugin WP Firewall 2 is quoted from the wordpress plugin directory:

  • Detect, intecept, and log Suspicious-looking parameters – and Prevent Them compromising WordPress.
  • Also protect most WordPress plugins from the same attacks.
  • Respond with an innocuous-looking 404, or a home page redirect.
  • Optionally send an email to you with a useful dump of information upon blocking a potential attack.
  • Turn on or off directory traversal attack detection.
  • Turn on or off the SQL injection attack detection.
  • Turn on or off WordPress-specific SQL injection attack detection.
  • Turn on or off blocking executable file uploads.
  • Turn on or off remote arbitrary code injection detection.
  • Add whitelisted IPs.
  • Add additional whitelisted pages and / or fields to allow pages / plugins / etc to get through Pls Desirable.
  • Optionally configured as the first plugin to load for maximum security.

So with these 2 plugins WP Firewall then later if there are attacks on our blogs, then automatically WP Firewall 2 will prevent the attack and then will email details about the attack method in use, what is being attacked, etc.

Plugin To download : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-firewall-2/

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