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Safety Tips to Create a Website with WordPress

WordPress is a No.1 blogging platform in web. Everyone would agree to that. In addition to its SEO friendly wordpress, wordpres also very easy to use. Feature is very complete and comes with a variety of plugins. as wordpress hosting services provider in Qatar wanted to share the 5 pieces of safety tips for those of you who want to have a blog with wordpress.

  1. Upgrade your wordpress periodically to prevent any bugs that can be exploited by hackers who are increasingly sophisticated.
  2. Use the username and password that is not difficult to guess by default and the people closest to you though.
  3. Perform data backup to backup database, files and export your wordpress web in the form of xml.
  4. Install a wordpress plugin called WordPress Lockdown useful record time and IP details of any failed login attempts in the wp-admin page.
  5. Be sure to install wordpress plugins only through dashboard> plugins, do not arbitrarily install a plugin that could be a hacker-made applications.

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