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“Search engine optimization may be just one small part of internet marketing strategy, but this is a fundamental part. Search engine marketing is the cornerstone. If you do not want to do anything else, “search engine placement” and “keyword-related advertising” can give 80% to 90% ROI on the Internet. ” – Brand Week Online Magazine

Search engin marketing or commonly called the SEM is a promotional effort by advertising on certain keywords on search engines like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Yahoo Search Marketing. Payment is usually done by SEM pay per click or pay per impression. Pay Per Click is an advertising payment calculation is based on many click on the search conducted by the search engines. While Pay Per Impression, is a way of calculating how many times penyangan Based on the ad.

Search engine better than any other media in driving visitors to your web site. As many as 85% of internet users use search engines to find websites that they want to go and look for a reference product to be purchased. For example, sites ‘A’ is a site that sells London chips. Situs’A owners ‘would want to if potential customers can find their site on the front page of Yahoo or Google search engine when he was searched with the key “chips selling London” or even “London chips’ only. SEM consulting assignment is to strive for that to happen. Because if a site can dominate some keywords related to search engine product, we can be sure Sales turnover will increase.

In short Search Engine Marketing is the act so that the product more widely known and to increase demand. If demand increases, the sales also increased. Increased sales = PROFIT.

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