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For those who frequent connected with the internet, especially in the blogging world we would have been very familiar with the wordpress CMS. WordPress is a CMS that is created and intended for the creator of the blog in order to create and build process can be done with a quick and very easy. The question now, why most people prefer to use wordpress?why not other CMS?

WordPress does have a million advantages over similar platforms, the following excerpt from the official website:

WordPress is a semantic personal publishing platform, which focuses on  web standards, and usability. WordPress is free, but on the other side is also priceless. In short,WordPress ‘is what you need when you want to build a blog or a website that is beautiful.

Core software WordPress CMS was developed by hundreds of volunteers. When you want to get more use from it, there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you desire. More than 25 million people chose WordPress CMS as the “home” was on the internet – and of course we also want that you too can join us and them all.

WordPress CMS gives freedom to users to equitably share the example widgets and plugins, from the free to paid. For his feature free wordpress CMS also has the attraction that is very promising because with the plugin – the best free plugins that can be found on the official wordpress CMS website developed by several users,

Excellence wordpress CMS Another is that it can be used for multiuser, for example you create a website about a motorcycle club and you want each member to participate with a share the knowledge about motorcycles, etc. then each will have a login to create an article in it.

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