Hacking wordpress   is done for various purposes, the most popular one is to disturb the position in search engines. As more and more people are aware that the world of the Internet is fertile ground for making money, news and more frequent cases of hacking into sound. The process varies from entering a certain code via a plug-in, inject the theme with a virus, or the simplest is put a text link is not visible in the footer.Hacking is done on many sites with different platforms, so that preventive measures were also different. It said the web developer, wordpress hacking more done than others given the platform is the most popular and easiest to use.

Hacking wordpress will cause a lot of harm to the owner of the original site, they will lose traffic, loss of position in the search engine and the most severe is the loss of the data content of the website , for the latter is fatal because the security database completely ignored.


Various steps can be taken either to prevent or cope with hacking wordpress on a website or blog that uses the open source.

In this article we will only focus on how to prevent it.Here are some tips to prevent hacking on wordpress site:

  1. Avoid using free hosting, hosting low-quality or even a variety of hosting with other people. What is meant here is shared hosting with a hosting package purchased large berbandwith then sell some space to others at a price retaail to save costs. Paid hosting will provide full security as well as a good support system.
  2. WordPress update every new version is available. Will prevent hacking wordpress as a safety device will be upgraded to each new version released.
  3. Do not use the theme and plug-in old or not compatible with the latest version of wordpress. Hacking is mostly done via wordpress themes and plug ins are slotted too much.
  4. Change the default username to be the name of your own choice. Do not let always log in to the dashboard to keep using the username “admin”.
  5. Do not forget to change the password frequently almost as often as the time you log in. It will be difficult for them to do the hacking wordpress.