You are already build and have an online store must be very eager to her online store crowded visitors and potential buyers, so many ways done to get traffic.Actually, to get that traffic is not difficult, the difficult part is how to get targeted traffic resulting in sales conversions online store.

Traffic is a challenge for the online business that the process can be very time consuming, different when building a website. Build website online store now is not difficult, there are many platforms for the online store that can be used call it such as osCommerce, prestashop, magento etc..

There are many ways to get traffic to your website online stores, among them the following: 

  1. Using social media, with an active in social media such as twitter and facebook you
    can promote the products you are selling online, course by providing a link to the website in the hope your friend interested in social media and visiting
  2. Submit to the web portal, the portal there are so many websites that allow users to promote.Either in the form of social bookmarking or directory in the form of address. Such portals are very helpful for promoting and branding your website
  3. Using paid traffic, this method is the fastest way. If you do not have a credit card to use google adwords ppc, there are many other PPC providers in Indonesia that also serve. Nothing wrong with you try one by one