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Why Drupal CMS Over Other CMS

Drupal CMS provides more precise control to set the URL structure. Each content item in Drupal CMS (called nodes) can be given a custom URL (called a URL alias). In the CMS (content management system) such other as you would normally limited to one type for all posts permalink.You can replace the “post slug”, but still less precise than the URL aliases on Drupal CMS. You can also automate custom URL structures for each different content type with the Pathauto module.

Revision Control Features – You can configure Drupal to store new versions of your pages every time they edit. This feature means that you can come back to see or return the revised long if you want. Drupal CMS at the beginning of manufacture is designed for community-based web site and has the powerful user roles and access control capabilities. You can create lots of customizable user with level access restrictions that are tailored to fit your needs.

Drupal CMS can be made in various types of websites to suit your needs, including:

  • Community Portal
  • News Publications
  • Website Intranet / Corporate
  • Resource Directory
  • International Sites
  • Education
  • Art, Music, Multimedia
  • Social networking sites

International Society for drupal CMS

  1. Drupal Association. Drupal Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help develop Drupal CMS with finance, holding events, development of infrastructure and so on.
  2. “Drupalcon which is an annual meeting of members of the Drupal CMS community (known as Drupallers) held every two years to learn about, discussions, and help Drupal CMS, and to network with other Drupal community members.

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