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Linux Unix Options For Small Businesses

Linux / Unix is ​​an alternate form of system that provides hosting for small businesses and business applications that run Linux / Unix on their PCs and laptops. Linux / Unix-based platform is stable platform in the industry.

Linux operating system developed by Linus Torvalds as an alternative to other operating systems. Most of its versions are free. The most popular Linux software is Red Hat and Mandrake.

Linux / Unix is ​​only for professionals until a few years, but the situation has changed. Many ‘small businesses have opted for Linux / Unix platform because of its open source architecture, meaning that users can structure the system to do what I want to do.

Web host providers are specializing in Linux / Unix servers and the demand for this type of interface is increased by 40% over the last three years. Unix-based operating system platform is a more reliable that you can never be. This is a better time than Microsoft operating systems and reception programs in Linux / Unix are more flexible. Is it really possible to get the ore from the Linux / Unix-based servers from other servers on the market.

Linux / Unix supports a wide variety of application languages, more than any other operating system. The most common applications of this type include C, C + +, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP. Databases are available for Unix mSQL and MySQL. Which one you choose will depend on what you plan to do online, and the host, you choose to park your website.

The Linux / Unix module comes with its won web development in some versions of Red Hat Linux that make web site creation easy as 1-2-3. FTP modules are built into the operating system to provide an alternative way to upload the website to Linux / Unix.

Linux / Unix will be an important force in the future as smaller businesses and medium enterprises are turning to the platform hosting.

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Web Marketing Tips to Attract More Visitors

Internet has changed the business today dramatically. Internet helps business all round the globe in time. With lesser expenses & simplicity of conveying information all over the world, the net is extremely priceless for every organization today. While organizations make their strategies about marketing they mustn’t overlook the internet. To make a business plan successful web marketing policy has now become a fundamental part.

Some solutions regarding web marketing and tips are explained here.

Grabbing the top position of the listing of search engine makes your website more popular. Search Engine marketing and optimization helps you getting the top position. Most users go for the sites that come to them first. So your organization will have the more probability of greater sales. SEM method includes link building blog marketing and directory submission.

Next effective method can be banner ads. It may bring you fast results. On MSN, Google use them as paid advertisement and PPC campaigning. They are driven by keywords they surely helps you come in touch with audience you target.

Send newsletters, promotions, announcements, coupons & contests, updates and new offers through email. It will keep surfers and your audience returning back to your site.

Web 2.0 is another method. Becoming member in blogs, social bookmarking & networking site, forums etc is the procedure regarding this. Get your audience closer with this.

Viral Marketing can be handy. It uses videos & other networks spreading the word and making excitement. It fascinates and motivates viewers spreading promotional piece of yours to others.

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What Are Online Advertising and it’s Benefits

In the sector of net marketing it is advertising that can be compared to heart internet businesses.  Online business can’t go on without advertising decently. Advertising is better way of promoting introducing product to customers. This advertising is a form of promotion which is offered to clients through internet. This is the way that provides audience worldwide. Banner ads, video compilation, mail marketing are some forms of this kind of advertising. Benefits are many in this sector some of which are discussed here.

You will get a worldwide audience through advertising in the internet. At the same time your products is advertized locally for sure. Number of your audience becomes massive in number. Thus increase popularity of your products everywhere. By this your income will also increases. Use the techniques of SEO and get more people familiarized with your product.

Advertising for example in television channel or other media may take more time and may not be an efficient way. But here it is faster and very effective. Spread your advertisement on the net you surely will be able to catch the eye of the surfers.

Now think about the money. Advertising online is cheap compared to other items like the TV. Less than half of cost than TV you can advertise your product in online.

It is also helping customers a lot to choose their things to buy. It is speedy means of advertising which is less expensive too. What else you can get better than this? Every business should take this amazing opportunity of online advertising.

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Tips for Succeeding with Virtual Business Today


Big changes are afoot in how America works today. The financial threats of lower-priced competition from overseas, the improved effectiveness of a virtual business model and a fresh American desire for better quality of life have caused the radical work shift. Virtual business, remote work, telework, distributed work, virtual staff like executive assistants, virtual teams–call them what you wish–are now part of the corporate lexicon.

I spoke with Alan Blume, author of “Your Virtual Success: Finding Profitability in an Online World.” Alan’s take is that virtual work is transforming the very nature of cities and urban centers, how we live and aggregate as people. With more work being performed remotely, American cities are quickly reverting to cultural event centers with more entertainment than business. Very simply, there is just no need to be “at the office” like we were in the past.

Just look at the situation in recent years with commercial office space and you’ll quickly understand. Non-conforming businesses won’t be successful attracting top talent and ultimately won’t survive fiscally, and may end up like Blockbuster Video before long. Alan brings out more points and subtleties in his video interview.


If you operate a virtual business like I do, or are thinking about one, Your Virtual Success is a resource you should pick up. It provides an easy to read, yet content-filled set of actions for you to take to…

* Transition to a virtual business from your day job

* Establish a virtual business quickly

* Develop niche branding and image

* Sell and market your business virtually

* Qualify and hire virtual talent–from anywhere!

* Test and expand your business

The author Alan Blume “eats his own dog food” as he told me once, in that all the recipes in this book he uses for his own business. I was most fascinated by some of the non-traditional sources to find freelance talent; for example, Craigslist. My notion of Craigslist was a place where killers, thugs and rip-off artists hung out to prey on naive people. There’s a lot of talent on Craigslist too, which I found out. I located my graphic designer for this business’ logo and discovered my web designer via carefully specified postings on Craigslist. Plenty of other freelance sites exist as well like Odesk and Elance.

There are always diamonds amongst the bad seed that exists online, and the instructions in the staffing chapter of how to separate the good from the bad are by themselves worth reading this book.

There are many tools in this work for small business owners to think about, whether it’s the use of online video that you can now promote your business much more affordably than ever before, or ways to test new products and services and adapt to the feedback you receive on the fly, modifying as you go. So many things exist today for you to take advantage of in order to compete with larger companies and lower-priced competitors, and you may soon be forced to use them or perish as a business.

When you read a book like this, you begin thinking about work differently. The author tells his Tale of Two Nephews and allows the reader decide which version of success he’d like to have; the overworked, overstressed 9 to 7er or the guy doing business in his bathrobe. When I read how the author runs his own business I was green with envy, because I’m not there yet, but I am striving. This book has many of the same characteristics as the “Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, without the focus on world travel and focused a little more on creating your own virtual venture from a practical standpoint.

You can get through this book in one sitting, but you should circle back with a highlighter or ball point pen to some of the key sections and references Alan gives.

Bookmark the appendix Rolling Pipeline Report, Prospect Scorecard and Sample Order Confirmations as documents that can form a basis for tracking and operating your virtual business.