how HTML validation can increase SEO

Presently, there are numerous web sites which have invalid code but still do work fine gratefully because of the latest web browsers that automatically correct most of the minor errors in the bad code . It can be said that it is not required for the code to be perfect however it should also not […]

How to Display Yahoo Messenger (YM) Status on your website

Its simple already many if you know this. To add this on any website, we use this syntax in HTML: <img src=”″ border=”0″ /> (Note: don’t forget to change “YahooID” with your own YAHOO ID and the number for icon  from 0 to 25  from below list  You can also add a custom message […]

free dns server for faster website update

free dns server : How many times u are facing downtime with some website ? How many times u have to wait long long time to get update your DNS to see your own website When you shifted to new server ?  It happen most of the time everyone who are not yet known to DNS […]

Advertise Your Cleaning Services with a Website

There are special people in the world who seem to have a natural ability for cleaning. Sure, anyone can pick up a broom and sweep the floor, but there are others – others who have an uncanny gift for making the act of cleaning seem like a highly complex art form. Give them some sanitation […]