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7 Free Typography Ebooks

We would all agree that content is the most important aspect of any website. And in most cases content is made up of type. So, as a web designer, it makes sense to have a strong understanding of typography. With that in mind, we rounded up some free ebooks that should help you strengthen your typography skills.

Meet Your Type

typography ebooks

Meet Your Type, by the FontShop, will help you overcome common obstacles, and keep your heart thumping for your one true love: typography.

Better Font Stacks

typography ebooks

A comprehensive comparison of various font stacks.

The Typographer’s Glossary

typography ebooks

The Typographer’s Glossary, by the FontShop, is a glossary of typography related terms.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

web design books

In order to allay some of the myths surrounding typography on the web, this ebook is structured to step through the principles found in Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, explaining how to accomplish each using techniques available in HTML and CSS.

Type Classification

ebooks for designers

This book has been made to help you learn the 10 broad classifications of type. These are the basic foundations of what you need to learn to learn typography and it is essential for any designer to know how to classify type.

The Right Font for the Job

typography ebooks

This nine page ebook will help teach you how to choose the right font by illustrating the four main ways fonts can differ.

The Vignelli Canon

typography ebooks

A 96 page book to help you better understand typography in graphic design.

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Free Google Plus Icons (PNG + PSD)

google plus icons
14 Free Google Plus Icons (PNG + PSD)
As most of you know that Google+ became fastest growing social network in history, and the effective way to tell people about your profile is put Google plus icons in your sites. Today i was browsed and visited best free icon sites. Finally i have 14 free Google plus (+1) icon set for download. This free icons ready with PNG and PSD files. So, you can easily customize it.

14 Free Google Plus Icons

Google plus Icon Setgoogle plus psd png icon 2google plus psd png icon 3google plus psd png icon 4google plus psd png icon 5google plus psd png icon 6google plus psd png icon 7google plus psd png icon 8google plus psd png icon 9google plus psd png icon 10google plus psd png icon 11google plus psd png icon 12google plus psd png icon 13google plus icon set psdWhat do you think? There are so nice right? Get it now and put on your sites. Make your circle grow up.
Do you have another Google plus icons? Please share it with us in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


What Is Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web and the Internet can help. Web accessibility also benefits others, including older people with changing capacity due to aging.

Web accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the Internet, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and neurological disorders. The document “How People with Disabilities Use the Web” describes how different disabilities affect Web use and includes scenarios of people with disabilities using the Internet.

Millions of people have disabilities that affect their use of the Web. Currently, most Web sites and software have accessibility barriers that make it difficult or impossible, many people with disabilities use the web. Like most Web sites and software are available, people with disabilities can access and contribute to the Web more efficiently.

Web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities. For example, a key principle of Web accessibility is designing Web sites and software that are flexible to meet the diverse needs of the users’ preferences, and situations. This flexibility also benefits people without disabilities in certain situations, such as people using a slow Internet connection, people are “temporary disabilities” such as broken arm, and people are changing abilities due to aging. The document “Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case organization,” describes many different benefits of Web accessibility, including benefits for organizations.

Why Web accessibility is important

The Web is a resource increasingly important in many aspects of life: education, employment, government, commerce, health, recreation and much more. It is important that the network is available to provide equal access and equal opportunities for disabled people. An accessible Web can also help people with disabilities to participate more actively in society.

The Web allows unprecedented access to information and interaction for many people with disabilities. This means that the accessibility barriers to print, audio and visual media can be more easily overcome through Web technologies.

The document “Social Factors in developing a business model for Web Accessibility for your organization,” explains how the Web impacts the lives of people with disabilities, to coincide with the digital divide and accessibility issues on the Web as an aspect of corporate social responsibility.

Another important consideration for organizations is that Web accessibility is required by the laws and policies in some cases. WAI Web Accessibility Policy Resources links to resources to address the legal and political factors within organizations, including a list of relevant laws and policies worldwide.

Making the web accessible

Much of the focus on web accessibility has been on the responsibilities of Web developers. However, Web software also has a key role in Web accessibility. The software should help developers produce and evaluate accessible Web sites, and used by people with disabilities.

One role of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is to develop guidelines and techniques that describe accessibility solutions for software and web developers. These WAI guidelines are considered the international standard for web accessibility.

The document “Essential Components of Web Accessibility” describes the different roles of web accessibility and how specific improvements could substantially advance Web accessibility.

Make your website accessible

Making a website accessible can be simple or complex, depending on many factors such as content type, size and complexity of the site, and development tools and the environment.

Many accessibility features are easily implemented if they are planned from the beginning of website development or redesign. Fixing inaccessible Web sites can require significant effort, especially those who were not originally “coded” properly with standard XHTML, and sites with certain types of content such as multimedia.

The document “Implementation Plan for Web Accessibility” lists basic steps for the web addresses of accessibility projects. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and techniques documents with detailed information for developers.

Assess the accessibility of a site

When developing or redesigning a site, evaluating accessibility early and throughout the development process can identify accessibility problems early when it is easier to address them. Simple techniques such as changing settings in a browser can determine whether a Web page meets certain accessibility standards. A comprehensive assessment to determine if a site meets the guidelines is much more complex.

There are assessment tools that aid in the evaluation. However, no tool can determine whether a site meets accessibility standards. Informed human evaluation is needed to determine if a site is accessible.

“Evaluating Web Site Accessibility” provides guidance on preliminary reviews using techniques to quickly assess some of the problems of accessibility of a site. It also provides general procedures and guidelines for assessing compliance with accessibility guidelines.


Blog Web Hosting

The best blog hosting should provide excellent reliability, high availability, cheap price, easy to install a click of blogs like WordPress or more must provide a guarantee repayment.

Taking into account all these features is necessary, which makes the comparison hosting blogs and comments from our users, Many Found is the best hosting for  company blogs.


how to call to qatar

Calling Qatar from the United States explained:

  • 011 – US exit code; must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA or Canada
  • 974 – country code for Qatar
  • phone number – 8 digits for all regions including the capital Doha
  • US to Qatar (landlines) international dialing format: 011 + 974 + 44 ??? ???

How to dial to Qatar cellular:

  • dialing format for calls to a cell phone: 011 + 974 + XX ??? ???
  • XX can be: 33, 55, 66, 77
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Bandwidth Bandits

The files that are downloaded from servers uses internet bandwidth to push files along the network at different speeds. Every time you download a file from your ISP, surf the Web, or use the audio application, you can use the bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a group of cable or fiber connection to the network server. Depending on the degree wire determines the amount of data coming through the network, which hosts the site. When someone tries to get more information than can be handled online, the whole network slows down.

ISPs can put a limit on the bandwidth at certain times during peak periods or a flat fee per month for bandwidth. If you exceed the package, so they charge you extra for using extra bandwidth. Some ISPs will shut down transmissions until traffic is more stable on the network.

You can download multiple files (images, audio, video, flash and other programs and scripts) website. This excludes, of course, banners and pop-ups and specific documents and images, which should be the medium server load.

Bandwidth bandits link to photos and other files directly to another server instead of putting them on their local server. There are various reasons why they do this, but one reason is to obtain a bandwidth as much as possible to show their links and images. So they “steal” images or audio files each time the site is initialized meaning that they steal bandwidth.

There are some ways you can stop someone from stealing your bandwidth allocation. If they have an e-mail, I contact them personally or go through Network Solutions and do an IP lookup which will give you information on the person and the site is recorded. You can always contact the company that hosts their site too.

The bandwidth can be expensive, and the last thing you want is someone stealing.