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WordPress hosting : How to create a blog using wordpress

WordPress Hosting can be used and certainly a wise choice if you want your blog look more professional. A blog is built with a variety of purposes.

Some people just use it as a journal or diary to record the important things in life.However, Some skillful use it to do business and make money from internet. Creating  a blog using wordpress is very easy so it can be done by anyone without really expert in CMS and HTML language. WordPress has provided themes and interesting plugins that can be installed on the blog to complete it so that the blog would be a maximum performance.

WordPress Hosting itself provides two options in building a blog. The first is a wordpress [dot] com which provide free subdomain and hosting. The second is a wordpress [dot] org blog that requires the owner to purchase a particular domain name and get a web hosting from WordPress Blog .

WordPress Hosting itself is a server that is used by people who create a blog using WordPress to store all the data blog and make some arrangements. In simple terms, wordpress hosting is a place or a warehouse to store data, wordpress platform is Easy to understand ?

When you decide to create a blog using wordpress, first determine the purpose of making the blog. If any commercial purpose, you’ll want to choose a service wordpress [dot] org, and then choose the domain name hosting and Order. WordPress Hosting is leased by the few hosting companies that have a central server in various countries. You just choose the desire to have warehouses in the country you live in a country or place your marketing target. The most popular location for WordPress blog hosting in this country is the U.S. servers. U.S. servers will be much easier blog to be accessed by visitors from around the world, it is relate to visitors coming from search engines on the internet.

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make money Cost Per Action

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA)  make money is an online business model that can give us an income just by making people willing to fill in certain data that is written in a form field. This form is made by the advertiser a certain company and displayed on the (CPA) make money Cost Per Action Network as Peerfly, Blam Ads, and hundreds of other networks.

As the name (CPA) make money Cost Per Action implies the commission based on the Action or Actions that are instructed to fill ONLY eg email address or zip code, try the product for FREE or download the FREE software. According to most people is a (CPA) make money Cost Per Action affiliate programs are the most easy and quick to make money from internet.

So although the  (CPA) make money Cost Per Action concept sounds simple, but to get the earnings of the  (CPA) make money Cost Per Action program is not exactly easy.This is because (CPA) make money Cost Per Action demand is mostly have targeted Americans (to be filled so that Americans can be counted as a commission).

Meanwhile, the Americans tend to take pretty good care of their privacy by not provide data to other parties. This is where the strategies needed in order to capture them, or the terms of the  (CPA) make money Cost Per Action called to lead. These strategies also vary depending on which sources of traffic that we choose to recruit people into your  (CPA) make money Cost Per Action affiliate link.

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Galaxy Pad 2 with Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung just announced the launch of a new 7-inch tablet, Samsung Galaxy Pad 2, successor to the Galaxy Pad, which comes with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich .

We do not know the price but the source is assumed to be a tablet more accessible than the first Galaxy Pad. It will be launched in Europe in March and and other two versions, one with WiFi and 3G.



Below are the most important technical specifications of the same:

• Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

• 7-inch WSVGA display (1024 x 600)

• 1GHz dual-core processor • 1GB RAM

• 16GB or 32GB internal storage

• microSD

• 3-megapixel back Camera

• VGA camera on the front

• Bluetooth 3.0

• HSPA +


• 3G

• 4,000 mAh Battery

Source: GeeksRoom

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As it has been known before Google Drive comes first and publicly known about the years 2007-2008 before Google finally canceled the project google drive. At that time Google engineers agree that service is weak and not ready for launch.

But like as not to be outdone, Google did not want to say anything to jazz-based data storage service cloud computing ( cloud computing ). The search engine giant is reportedly soon to provide storage service online called Drive. This news comes from the daily Wall Street Journal , Wednesday (02/08/2012), who obtain information from reliable sources. As the owner of the Android operating system, Google would respond to the needs of the user’s mobile are going to store data online .

Standard services like cloud, more users can put files such as songs, movies, documents, whatever it is, and good again as a source said, Google Drive service is free of charge , either for personal or business circles.

So where Google will get the money?

Google’s answer, they will get money if the Google Drive users upload files that are large (as yet unknown limit file size is great for how much). Services like cloud, Google will also allow users of these services, because there will be a special application that is connected to the Drive, and this application is on the desktop or mobile .

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“Search engine optimization may be just one small part of internet marketing strategy, but this is a fundamental part. Search engine marketing is the cornerstone. If you do not want to do anything else, “search engine placement” and “keyword-related advertising” can give 80% to 90% ROI on the Internet. ” – Brand Week Online Magazine

Search engin marketing or commonly called the SEM is a promotional effort by advertising on certain keywords on search engines like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or Yahoo Search Marketing. Payment is usually done by SEM pay per click or pay per impression. Pay Per Click is an advertising payment calculation is based on many click on the search conducted by the search engines. While Pay Per Impression, is a way of calculating how many times penyangan Based on the ad.

Search engine better than any other media in driving visitors to your web site. As many as 85% of internet users use search engines to find websites that they want to go and look for a reference product to be purchased. For example, sites ‘A’ is a site that sells London chips. Situs’A owners ‘would want to if potential customers can find their site on the front page of Yahoo or Google search engine when he was searched with the key “chips selling London” or even “London chips’ only. SEM consulting assignment is to strive for that to happen. Because if a site can dominate some keywords related to search engine product, we can be sure Sales turnover will increase.

In short Search Engine Marketing is the act so that the product more widely known and to increase demand. If demand increases, the sales also increased. Increased sales = PROFIT.

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Why Drupal CMS Over Other CMS

Drupal CMS provides more precise control to set the URL structure. Each content item in Drupal CMS (called nodes) can be given a custom URL (called a URL alias). In the CMS (content management system) such other as you would normally limited to one type for all posts permalink.You can replace the “post slug”, but still less precise than the URL aliases on Drupal CMS. You can also automate custom URL structures for each different content type with the Pathauto module.

Revision Control Features – You can configure Drupal to store new versions of your pages every time they edit. This feature means that you can come back to see or return the revised long if you want. Drupal CMS at the beginning of manufacture is designed for community-based web site and has the powerful user roles and access control capabilities. You can create lots of customizable user with level access restrictions that are tailored to fit your needs.

Drupal CMS can be made in various types of websites to suit your needs, including:

  • Community Portal
  • News Publications
  • Website Intranet / Corporate
  • Resource Directory
  • International Sites
  • Education
  • Art, Music, Multimedia
  • Social networking sites

International Society for drupal CMS

  1. Drupal Association. Drupal Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help develop Drupal CMS with finance, holding events, development of infrastructure and so on.
  2. “Drupalcon which is an annual meeting of members of the Drupal CMS community (known as Drupallers) held every two years to learn about, discussions, and help Drupal CMS, and to network with other Drupal community members.
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For those who frequent connected with the internet, especially in the blogging world we would have been very familiar with the wordpress CMS. WordPress is a CMS that is created and intended for the creator of the blog in order to create and build process can be done with a quick and very easy. The question now, why most people prefer to use wordpress?why not other CMS?

WordPress does have a million advantages over similar platforms, the following excerpt from the official website:

WordPress is a semantic personal publishing platform, which focuses on  web standards, and usability. WordPress is free, but on the other side is also priceless. In short,WordPress ‘is what you need when you want to build a blog or a website that is beautiful.

Core software WordPress CMS was developed by hundreds of volunteers. When you want to get more use from it, there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you desire. More than 25 million people chose WordPress CMS as the “home” was on the internet – and of course we also want that you too can join us and them all.

WordPress CMS gives freedom to users to equitably share the example widgets and plugins, from the free to paid. For his feature free wordpress CMS also has the attraction that is very promising because with the plugin – the best free plugins that can be found on the official wordpress CMS website developed by several users,

Excellence wordpress CMS Another is that it can be used for multiuser, for example you create a website about a motorcycle club and you want each member to participate with a share the knowledge about motorcycles, etc. then each will have a login to create an article in it.