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Why Alertpay renamed to Payza

Based on official information released by Alertpay via there blog, stating that Alertpay On May 14, 2012 (U.S. time) will be officially renamed Payza address to and this name change also followed by changes in web design and its features. This change occurred thanks to the merger with a provider of prepaid cards (prepaid cards) from the UK, MH Pillars Ltd, With the merger of two large companies, the future is expected to reach Payza services to the countries that do not have access to such Payment Processor.

“After Payza officially launched on May 14, 2012, all customer information will transfer to automatically so customers do not need to do anything. Account number, Personal Data, financial information, data referral, login and passwords remain the same as what’s in your Alertpay account. So, customers Alertpay does not have to worry about this change because of all customer data is certainly safe to Payza launched”

In addition to the change in name, domain and logo, Alertpay Payza promise that there will be many services and new features are added. Among them are the following: 

  • Offering new services
  • Ease of access for customers who use smartphones and Mobile Phone
  • Reach more countries
  • Global Bank Wire support more currencies
  • Improved service for customers
  • More friendly website design
  • Supports e-wallet and other withdrawal options
  • and many more features to be added
Before launching Payza, AlertPay customer who is still able to send and receive money around the world, and thereafter will have more options to trade globally through Payza. Payza will directly contribute to local economic growth in underdeveloped markets and appear to facilitate cross-border transactions more cost competitive. But for me it changes anything, hopefully the process Payza verified accounts can be made ​​easier as a first Alertpay account verification, simply SMS with verification through phone and direct customer account status is “Verified” .
So .. we will see how the next Payza.
Happy hosting payment via Payza.
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PHP4 End of Life

There is no more support from developers, we have already say’s that from 1 April 2012  there will be  no longer support for PHP4  on Afiahost servers . For those who are still using PHP4 please migrate script / program you to PHP5.

for Migration help please follow the link below.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation during this time.