Domain Names

Choosing A Good Domain Name in 2013

Visitors will find your website with the domain name. The domain name has two parts: a name and extension (com, org,, etc.). A domain name that is meaningful and easy to remember is a great asset. The site name should also be the site domain name. When people think about your site, they think of the name. If your website name is also the name of your domain, then they will automatically know where to go. What happens if your site is called “Afiahost”, but the name of your domain for it is Your customers, given that they are visiting a site called Afiahost,com, would type in the address bar of their browser and they will end up on another site and you will lose sales.

There are a few tips to consider when choosing a website name in 2013 (also known as a website address, URL or domain name):

Try and get a name that relates to your business, product or service. For example, try to find a domain name that includes your company name or your product name, because it is the first thing that people will try in their browser. It is also a good practice to rank search engine optimization (SEO) has a popular keyword and is contained in the name of your site, it will help your website rank higher in the search results for that keyword.

If you can not get the domain name you want, consider an alternative form of the name you typed. As example, assume,,, and so on. But be careful here, because some alternative form may repel visitors. For example, if you are considering naming site, some people may associate with websites offering cheap hosting only and may be non-professionals.

Very often you will find the domain .Com that you want already been registered by someone else, if you can not get the name of the com. The domain that you want, then you might want to consider other extensions. It is better to have, for example, the domain names meaningful and memorable. Alternatively you can use. Biz,. Co,. Net. info, etc..

Lastly is consider buying multiple domain names for the same website. The idea is to protect yourself against the competition. So, if you have a site about web hosting service provider Qatar called, you will be interested in getting,, and various other possibilities, this way You can prevent other sites to get a domain name that is similar to the one you have. The same idea applies to getting “URL typos” for your site. URL typos are the fault of the web visitors to type in your domain name, for example, which should but the visitors typing, with multiple domains so that you will be safe.