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Quality web content is essential for the positioning of companies online. The apparent quality content you may be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business, especially when it depends on the Internet. For many companies today, SEO or search engine optimization is key to online visibility. There are many ways your site from getting into top positions in search engines like Google. Nowadays, optimization remains one of the most popular and proven working methods.

Unfortunately, few companies in this country who have a special item for SEO in your advertising budget. This area is largely underestimated for several reasons, including a bad experience with the self-styled optimizers unsuccessful campaigns impatience for results, lack of resources, etc.

Considering all these problems, we afiahost decided to offer free SEO tools, partnering with leading developer Attracta. The tool will be available for all our customers on a shared hosting. Driven by the desire to always offer the best first in qatar and india to offer this free Tool to get a good foundation for quality search engine optimization.

The principle is the following – the tool crawls your website and finds all pages of the website (including pages that search engines do not find) to produce XML sitemap and SEO Report,. Sitemap is an XML interface relies on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others, and helps you to detect and remove major SEO mistakes. Over time you will get quality traffic to your site.

Who is use Attracta:
This tool is especially useful for new sites that have few links, low Google PR and bad positioning on search engines. If you have a website with dynamic content, many Java and Flash or picture content that search engines can not read the text as if you run your business and now you need a quick ascent, Attracta is a good start.

We are sure that for those of you who know the power of qualitative optimization, this tool will be unnecessary. Our aim is not to offer a substitute for SEO, but quality free service that can give your site a major boost in the right direction. As a leading hosting company in qatar, we feel obliged to offer you the tool you use millions of websites in the world.

We are open to listen to you and discuss all your questions or suggestions.

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