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How to Keep Visitors on yout Website Longer

After creating a website, then search for understanding of how to get high traffic to a website, then the next challenge which many found by the webmaster is how to make that at home and want to linger longer on your site.

If the parameter is google analytics bounce rate, the lower the bounce rate means that the longer a visitor from your site and it means your site is of good quality so as to make them feel at home and linger long. To understand more about the bounce rate in google analytics,

To make visitors feel at home and want to read page after page of the site there own tricks and tips that it can be achieved, among which are:

  1. Make an interesting design is one of the key, a good website design will make people feel comfortable and feel at home for long. Indulge the eye of visitors is the key, if you do not understand and master the technique of making design a website can ask for help on website creation service that has been experienced.
  2. Provide content that is informative and useful, you would often hear the content is king and it is indeed true. With good content will make visitors feel your articles useful to them, comes the desire to read other articles.
  3. Make serial article, these tips are suitable for those who his visitor was little and want the visitor to come back on a regular basis. By making concatenated / glow readers will be curious to follow article that you created and make it come back or read the previous article.

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Tips for Using Twitter for Your Business

Confused optimize the use of twitter for your online business venture? If you are still a beginner in terms of using Twitter for branding your business, you can read: Tips to Start Branding on Twitter
Here are some tips you can do:
Customizing Profile Twitter
If you use Twitter to promote, you need to adjust your account profile. Tips for using Twitter for marketing explained that provide or write a business bio on your profile is a great way to attract Twitter users. They will know that you are a special account for the business. Do not forget to add a website link and logo of your business.
Wake NetworkIf you do not initiate new connections on Twitter, then you can not run a business via Twitter as it should. Get better results from using Twitter for marketing tips to participate in the chat, looking for followers and decent people followed. With a network that you wake up, your business will be more famous and make it easier to promote.

Make it personal
Personally recommend your product by sending a tweet custom-made to different persons would increase sales significantly. In addition, tips on using Twitter for marketing by promoting top-notch products will provide maximum results for your business.
Diversify your tweet
Tips for using Twitter for marketing by posting various topics of interest will make your followers do not get bored. It also increases your chance to appear more often in search Twitter using a variety of keywords. Interesting post can become allure for your account. Tips for using Twitter for marketing is quite effective in finding followers.
Indirect Promotion
Do not promote your product indirectly. Tips for using Twitter for marketing is pointless to keep you from bad impression. Better connecting link to an informative article or review on your blog that contains affiliate links. It will make efforts to promote the use of Twitter for marketing tips appear closed but right on target.
Avoid Auto-tweeting
Tips for using Twitter for marketing but not least, avoid auto-tweeting. Many applications that can help you share content to Twitter, but you should not use it. Auto-tweeting gives the impression of less natural in a relationship with your followers. note the tips using Twitter for marketing is that your followers feel closer to you
Use hashtags to find conversation
Use hashtags – keywords # – for events, topics, brands, products, special campaigns, and sales promotion (or whatever you choose) to find and track conversations on Twitter.
Make scheduling Tweets
Use social media management applications such as HootSuite or Buffer to make a series of tweets and schedule them to post tweets at various times throughout the week. This helps maintain a Twitter message on the target and your account is active. Tweets can include tips, information about your industry, product recommendation, inspirational quotes, and links to relevant websites. The key is to add value to your followers. Tweets are scheduled to be interspersed with real-time tweets.
Monitor relevant keywords
One of the best ways to use Twitter is to monitor conversations about your brand, product, industry, and competition. Defines a set of keywords. Search for your business name, twitter account names, product names, industry terms, and competitors name, twitter account name of your competitors, and products.