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Domain Buying Tips For Personal Blog

The first step when you want to have a personal blog of course is to buy a domain with paid hosting. Maybe you will ask why paid hosting many free ones available when the service is no less complete.

Later, this will affect your credibility as a professional blogger, if that’s your goal to build a personal blog.Surely you do not want your blog to end up banned by google

Here are some tips to consider when wanting to buy a domain for personal blogs.

  1. Choosing a domain [dot] com will be a priority because it gives the characteristic features as a standalone company. When dealing with personal blogging should avoid such domains [dot] net [dot] biz especially [dot] info.
  2. Attractive domain name will make it easy to remember by the visitors. Always treasure that represents the name of business you run, because a domain is your intellectual porperti.
  3. For your target keywords, buy a domain with keywords in it is a necessity. This will allow visitors to guess the main subject in personal touch with your blog and search speed.
  4. Buying a domain name length is not a problem but a short name that will be remembered about the same with a catchy name.
  5. Use of a hyphen (-) in the domain name is an alternative that can be done when you have difficulty in finding a catchy name.
  6. Note branding. Someone will not like it if a brand that has been chosen is inserted into the personal domain name of your blog.
  7. If you are not a personal blog to target a specific niche, maybe your name or the name of the location would be a good option for this can be known and flexible for any topic.

Reasons to buy a domain for personal blog is for people to visit and get to know you through all the posts there. So it can certainly be a personal blog requires traffic, there is no point if there are no visitors have not? Here, the domain name will be very influential. Personal blogs are closely related to personal branding, for it is wise to choose when buying a domain name.