About Blogging

Want to learn what is a Blog? How it could help you? Why traffic is generated easily through a Blog? How can you built a successful Blog?

Well, in a blog you could SELL anything that you want! For example: Home items, Personal items, Pet items or even spread the words about your current business.

First, Lets define What is a BLOG??

A blog is a personal website or webpage on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc… on a regular basis.

Saying that, a blog is a standard website being updated constantly. This means that fresh CONTENT or Information is being fed into the internet. And this is what Search Engines are looKing for.

This is very important and you can ask yourself? Why would I want a Blog then? The answer is simple. To GENERATE some kind of traffic and the easiest way is by SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

TRAFFIC = People that are searching for an specific information or content using search engines such as GOOGLE or YAHOO.

Search engines LOVE blogs, because blogs keeps them feeding all time.

How can a Blog HELP you??

OK, first of all a blog is use to send a MESSAGE out. For example: If you have a restaurant and you want people to know about it, like… what’s your Service, your Menu, your Location, your History and so more… You put all that information in your blog so people find you and before they visit your place they already know what to expect and that their going to have a GOOD TIME!!!

Blogging is just the PERFECT and EASIEST way to take your message across. And remember that the message could be multiple things, not just selling. It can be use for BRANDING your business. As you update your blog every day or every week and people continue reading about you, your brand will live in your customer’s mind as a result of all the impressions made by encounters with your Name, your Logo, your Marketing Message and everything else that people see and hear about your business.

For example, Churches uses blogs to spread the word of the causes they are making or doing. And there are many other ways you can use a blog for, you just have to get creative with it and focus on a target audience.

Here is a very important TIP if you are already blogging:


This means that every time that you post anything on your blog, you have to know which audience your message will go to.

What is also AWESOME about owning a blog is that you can integrate different Social Vehicles of Communication such as: ARTICLES (Text), VIDEOS and IMAGES. The blog interfaces with one or the three at the same time. That means that you can put together a Very Attractive Piece of Blog!!

Remember, — NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT NOT TO SAY –, unless you DON’T own the blog. So, if you are really interested in using thing method of communicating, you should consider PAYING for a service that allows you to speak your mind. You need a BLOG that will let you express yourself without any speech or content restrictions that some FREE BLOGS have.

Who should have a BLOG??

So, any person that would like to start or built a business, person that are already selling some kind of products such as Internet type or Traditional type and also Non Profit Organizations should be using a Blogging System. You just have to spread the word to your audience and send them to your blog and keeping updating the content so they keep coming and coming.

Everyone should be using a BLOG. It is easy to maintain and use and it is easier to be found by the Search Engines, cause it’s constantly updated and there is a better chance that your content could be found by your target audience.

Now that you know what is a BLOG and how you can use it, it’s time for you to find a great BLOGGING PLATFORM to start posting.

Have fun blogging, that is probably the most important thing in blogging!