8 Coolest things you can Do with WordPress

In the recent years, WordPress managed to form a reputation for itself as a robust platform for blogging and a reliable content management system. With its options, themes, and plugins, it’s no surprise why a number of the largest websites these days publish content through WordPress. however, whether it’s one amazing tool to run a web blog, it will really do more than simply posting. Here are a number of the good things you will do with a WordPress website.

1. Build a web store with WordPress. Did you know that with WordPress, you’ll be able to make one actual e-Commerce site? One amongst the best ways in which to try to to it’s through WooCommerce. Once downloading and putting in, this customizable plugin that enables you to trace sales, do inventory, and settle for reviews. What makes it even additional exciting is that the undeniable fact that it’s already designed to just accept numerous payment ways, like credit cards, COD, and PayPal. With it, you’ll be able to simply be sure of the requirements of your on-line business. though there are several plugins out there apart from WooCommerce, it’s extremely laborious to high.

2. Make employment Board Want to make associate actual job board mistreatment WordPress? That’s doable. Like integration WooCommerce, there are different plugins you’ll be able to install for additional job board choices. There are those who permit you to try to to paid listings. Others permit fast and simple CV uploads. Some will facilitate your transmit daily, weekly, or monthly job alerts. Do of these options sound exciting? however, wait. Before you truly place up your own job board. There are some stuff you ought to detain mind. Before you launch your board, make certain that you just have already designed an enormous following, associated with your niche. You don’t wish to be thwarted to possess thousands of tourists during a month, however find yourself losing them within the future.

3. Make Forums with wordpress, you’ll be able to produce forums with WordPress. mistreatment the plugin known as bbPress, you’ll be able to produce totally different forum classes, reply to sure topics, improve user engagement with some extensions, and have access to tools that allow users have their own signatures! And did we have a tendency to tell you that it’s compatible with the whole WordPress theme? Still, there are different plugins you’ll be able to use to make a forum on WordPress. AnsPress and CM Answers are simply 2 of them.

4. Begin a Social Network website If you would like to imitate the powerful WordPress, the full world admires you. however unhappy to mention, it would take you years to try to to thus. however what if we have a tendency to tell you that it’s doable to possess another framework for making your own Facebook? BuddyPress is that the key. This plugin works well for little social networks, like for groups, companies, or maybe faculty teams.

5. Make Listings for property website WordPress’ practicality will be extended to property. whereas there are several WordPress themes designed for property, you need to a minimum of alter one plugin. WP-Property and simple Property Listings are 2 plugins you’ll be able to place in your list. to assist you opt, let’s differentiate the 2. WP-Property permits you to make a true estate listing that’s highly-customizable. It’s thus versatile that you just will list many different entities. simple Property Listings, on the opposite hand, permits you to produce a feature-rich web site during a matter of minutes. once it’s put in, you’ll be able to utterly optimize your web site to form it program friendly likewise as responsive.

6. create a Directory with a Map, you’ll be able to create a directory with WordPress. mistreatment any of the plugins below, you’ll be able to simply convert your WordPress web site into a directory and add different awing options. Sabai Directory. This premium plugin permits you to produce a community-driven native business directory that’s just like Google+ Places and Yelp. It’s utterly interactive with maps you’ll be able to customize to assist guests realize the closest resource. Geo Directory. This plugin permits you to feature multiple listings on your website through free or paid add-ons. once it slow, you must have a customizable listing that contributes to a positive user expertise. Business Directory Plugin. Like Sabai Directory, this plugin is meant to operate like Yelp. It comes with type fields you’ll be able to modify and options that allow you transfer photos.

7. Raise Funds for a Cause With WordPress, it’s simple to lift funds for a cause. By golf shot crowdfunding links to your WordPress web site and by mistreatment the correct plugins, you’ll be able to inspire your readers to patronize a product or service for a cause. Here are some plugins we have a tendency to advocate. Charitable. This plugin permits you to use a fundraising toolkit, which supplies you full management of your fundraising efforts. Through this, you’ll be able to invite your users to support a specific cause. PayPal, Stripe, and offline payments are supported by this plugin. IgnitionDeck. This plugin is a superb crowdfunding network that features a donation practicality. Using this, one will check time period statistics regarding the crowdfunding campaign. WordPress Fundraising. If you apply for a membership with WPMU DEV, you’ll be able to have access to the present fundraising plugin. With this, you’ll be able to crowdfund a project or gather donations. you’ll be able to even let users pledge a contribution to indicate their support for your cause.

8. Send Invoices to customer. Invoicing could be a very tedious task. So, if you hate the concept of manually making and causation invoices, WordPress will prevent. mistreatment plugins like Sprout Invoices, WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips, likewise as Sliced Invoices, you’ll be able to improve your invoicing method and progress. These plugins permit you to utterly customise your templet and create it suitable your complete. They conjointly permit you to upgrade your service by having payment add-on options. As you’ll be able to see, there are plenty of stuff you will do with WordPress. What’s even higher is that these uses don’t need any committal to writing data. WordPress being associate open supply resource and easy makes it a good answer for pretty much all of your desires.