All About SEO

Why Use SEO?

SEO is one of those acronyms that if you’re not ‘in the know’ you may have no idea about, but it is important for websites. Why? Because it stands for search engine optimization and when a search engine likes your site, that site gets ranked higher and higher on the search results page.

When you do a search, it is likely that you will visit the first, second or third website that comes up according to your search criteria. If you scroll down you will find, usually, that there are other pages of ranked sites you can also visit, but does anyone actually go to page two or three of a search? It’s not very likely.

So, in order to rank highly and get the most traffic to your site, you want to please the search engines and to do that you have to utilize SEO.

It sounds simple–please the search engines and you’ll get a high ranking which will translate to more visits, more clicks, more success but in reality its a bit trickier to actually attain.

When someone puts in a set of words for a search, the engine will set to work trying to accommodate the request. For a site to have the exact search words that a user will put in can happen, but it isn’t very probable, however, a reputable site will have a few of the words or enough of them to warrant showing up on the search list. The more keywords that are on a site that match with what people are searching for, the better.

This is where the content aspect comes into play. If your website is one about cats, for example, you will want keywords that are specific to cats, so you can use breed words, cat accessories words, litter box training words, and the list goes on. The more specific you can be in your content, the more keywords that pertain to your site itself and what it is about will translate into your site becoming credible and trustworthy with the folks at the search engine. They know that when Joe wants to know about cats, his search and your site will be the perfect fit. Joe will be happy getting the information he wanted and will feel secure on a site that is specific to his needs.

In the information game, it’s best to play by the rules. After all, they garner the best results!by Amanda J Hales