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5 Ways To Lose Respect As An Seo | Five Ways To Lose Respect As An Seo


The world of search engine optimization is pretty competitive. For a search engine optimization company to be successful, it is very important for making a strong, well-respected online presence. Here are five ways that are guaranteed to keep your SEO company from hitting respect :.

.1) A badly designed web site.

Nothing says unskilled like a badly designed web site. If your website looks like it was created by an 11 year old with Microsoft FrontPage, you are going to have an extremely hard time convincing peoples to hire you. Even though you may be an SEO and not a web designer, peoples still expect your web site to have a professional appearance . Showing your prospective clients your untempting web site is like showing up to a job interview in shorts and a t shirt . If you dont have an eye for web figure, do yourself a favor and hire a web designer to create a professional looking website for your company.


.2) Ranking poorly for your companys name.

If you really want to ensure that noone hires you for your search engine optimization services , make sure that your company web site ranks poorly in Google for its own name. Moreover, make sure it doesnt even get indexed! If you can not even acquire your companies website to rank good for its own name, opportunities are search engine optimization is not the field for you. You dont have to rank on the first page of Google for search engine optimization or search engine marketing (although it is very useful if you do), but at least rank number one for your companys name.


.3) Spamming.

Unless you are David Naylor, spamming is not going to appeal any potential clients. Whether you are trying to spam your company to the front page of Digg or just sending tons of useless threads on forums to build up your back links , spamming is frowned upon by most of the general population.


.4) Bad spelling and grammar.

This normally look like a minor detail , but bad spelling and grammar can have the same impression as a poorly designed web site. Whether its ten spot typographical errors on your home page or poorly written forum posts , bad spelling and grammar causes you to and your company look much less professional. This is something that can well be avoided by proofing what you type before you post or submit it. If you truly have a hard time putting together coherent sentences , put in a copy of The Elements of Style.
.5) Taking on businesses that you cant handle.

If you take on a customer and promise them that their web site will rank on the first page of Google for Viagra , opportunities are that relationship is making your way to end gravely. It is very important to not only be realistic with your customers about their prospects, but also not to ever take on a job that you know you wont be able to carry through. Taking someones money and not having results is a guaranteed way to drag the companys name and reputation through out the mud! .

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