Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

For the bloggers or who have a website , you definitely want to know how many people are visiting your web site. To find out how many people visit your website or blog, you definitely need an analytic engine traffic websites, and therefore, Google Analytics is the answer. This article will teach you how to […]

Tips On Preventing Hacking WordPress Site

Hacking wordpress   is done for various purposes, the most popular one is to disturb the position in search engines. As more and more people are aware that the world of the Internet is fertile ground for making money, news and more frequent cases of hacking into sound. The process varies from entering a certain code […]

Security Tips and Tricks for Joomla

Joomla is one of the most widely used. Popularity of Joomla is also the reason why Joomla be attractive targets for hackers. Here are tips and tricks to improve the security of Joomla. Update version of Joomla (Joomla core) / component / plugin / extension / template with the latest updates. For Joomla 1.5 users, can use the extension […]

joomla website how to make it

  Create a joomla website can be done offline in advance and then uploaded. Offline can use localhost as a web server with XAMPP, WAMP, and several other PHP. Or maybe web masters prefer to make a joomla website online Actually it’s easier to install automatically using one click auto installer , but sometimes features are not available with the latest version […]

website tips for new owners

For example, you will be launching a website to market. Before making the content interesting and start doing promotion, the first thing should be done is that, make sure your website has been set up properly. The goal is to make the content and promotion will you be more effectively. Take advantage of the website traffic monitoring […]

Tips For Making Your Website Load Faster

In addition to thinking about the aesthetic value of a website design, speed of loading for the appearance of a website is also one of the factors you should consider. Because this factor into deciding whether or not a user comfortable visiting your website For instance when making a website gallery. The image file is […]

turn how to Prevent wordpress hacking attacks

Turn WordPress hosting is one of your favorite website developer at this time, no other is as a blogging platform is very easy to use.You do not need to master a programming language to be able to master this CMS. But unfortunately there are important points that are sometimes forgotten by the users, ie the safety factor. Learning […]

How do I change my FTP password ?

First, we recommend that you know how to make good passwords. we still see customers make a simple password like “abc12345”, for the security of your website, a password like this is a bad idea. Create strong passwords consisting of numbers, letters and special characters such as#$%^&*()!_+- . Do not use passwords for all accounts […]