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Free Tips to get More Visitors to Your Blog

What did you blog about today? Does the world know about it?

If not, here is a list of 10 tips to help spread the word about your blog and get you more visitors:

1. Share via Social Networks: Add your blog link in your profile details of various social networking accounts. If someone likes your profile they might be interested in checking out your blog as well. When you update something share it on your social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, Linkedin. Be it a tweet, a wall post or an update, your link is sure to attract the attention of many.

2. Start a forum for bloggers: Forums are the most updated means of promoting blogs to a selective group. You can start a forum say ( bloggers.forums.com) and update it regularly with contents from your blog. Invite other bloggers to join the forum and leave their comments, ideas, tips and advices to make the blog better. It can be a great way to connect with the right people.

3. Update quality content for improving SEO: Google is always looking out for new content. When you add quality content on your blog regularly it becomes easy for Google to crawl it. Your blog thus shows in the Google search results and pulls traffic automatically.

4. Engage in conversation with various groups/communities: Blogging groups and communites help you to connect, share, engage with bloggers from your niche. There are various groups on Facebook, Google and Linkedin where you can connect with bloggers from different communities and get feedback.

5. Submit a Guest post: Contacting blogs/site that approves guest posts can help in promoting your blog. Write a unique guest post article containing quality content suitable for the particular site/blog. You can get a link back to your blog from such guest posting opportunities.

6. Cross comment on other blogs: Commenting on other blogs of your niche with a link back to your blog helps in improving your web presence. Publish comments that makes sense and attracts the attention of other bloggers on the site. It can help in increasing traffic to your site as the bloggers might be interesting in checking out your blog as well.

7. Enlist with Blogdirectories: Get your blog enlisted in popular Blogdirectories like Technorati, Blogfrog etc. Any user searching for blogs of your niche will come across your blog listed in the directory and will check that out.

8. Encourage reactions from readers: Reactions from your readers can actually help. Be it criticism, appreciation or just a feedback, any comment from your readers is sure to do the trick. Encourage their activity by actively responding to their comments. You can also invite reactions through RSS Subscribe Button, Bookmarks Button, Subscribe by email and other social button.

9. Attend Bloggers Meet/Seminars/Events: Events are the perfect way of promoting your blog through ‘word of mouth’. It can be highly effective and can help in gaining knowledge and prominent contacts.

10. Add your blog link in your Email Signature: Everytime you send a mail your connections are reminded of your blog. It is likely that many may feel like checking it out once in a while for new post. With new connections it is the safest way of promoting without any direct request.

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