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How a Domain Name Can Affect a Website’s Success

A domain name, like “http://afiahost.com/” is the business’ address on the Web. It is how people will find the company on the Internet. For this reason, a domain name is very important when it comes to establishing online presence.


Each website that connects to the Internet uses unique combinations of numbers or IP (Internet Protocol) address. However, an IP address can be more difficult to remember than a name. And so, a website needs to register online for a domain name that will replace the IP number. A single domain name can contain up to 67 characters including numbers, hyphens, and dots. Since it acts as the virtual address, people use the domain name to access the site again with much ease and convenience. Moreover, having a decent-sounding domain on the Web will give customers the impression that they are dealing with an established business and not a deceptive entity.


Another reason a domain name is important is that the entity can have dedicated e-mail addresses, which can be used to communicate to the customers on a more personal manner. So, the company can send out newsletters to its patrons, and inform them of upcoming sales, events, promotions, etc. As a result, people will feel valued and appreciated, thus, enticing them to recommend the business to their friends and family. With this, the site will have more visitors and more revenues in the long run. In line with this, if you are looking for a catchy and effective domain name for your site, Afiahost.com is the company for you.

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