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notable content management systems

WordPress : WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems to use. it is the publishing platform which focus on aesthetics , web standards , and useableness. WordPress and its characteristics as a content management system (CMS) are many, could be explained as how they refer to document management, noesis management, configuration management , application development, and so on. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. More just, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software system, not push it.


b2evolution : b2evolution is a atomic number 96s (content management tools) which comes with complete advance weblog instrument, i-e This software program will give complete access to user to function your own web logs, newsfeeds or even photo streams. B2evolution CMS is a medium scale of measurement focused around the web log construct, total of multiple characteristics such as web logs, contented presentation separation, full user management, full internationalisation (i18n), work flow direction and also covering with some more characteristics which are usually provided by Wikis, Trackers or hierarchy driven CMSes.


LifeType : LifeType is a complete open-source blogging platform which will support multiple web logs and users within a single initiation. Its strictly written in the PHP and the back end construction is in MySQL database. Licensing of LifeType comes under WILDEBEEST General Public License. It brooks multiple web logs as well as users, media management and it also takes care of generation of standard substance, clean URLs and funding for subdomains. LifeType is ejected under the GPL licence, and commands PHP and MySQL to work.


Dotclear : The open source web publishing software package Dotclear is projected in 2002 by Olivier Meunier, this web log is printed under the GNU GPLv2. It is fairly popular in French oral presentation areas, where it is used by several major blogging chopines. It was a single adult males task at first, Dotclear soon assembled a squad being different personalities with various backcloths. Its major intent is to ply a user friendly tool allowing anyone to print on the network, regardless of their expert sciences.


Textpattern : Textpattern is a web based application program designed to support and to get the better of the hurdles of publishing any type of on line informations on site, and to shorten the production of well-structured, standards-compliant web pages. Weblogging tools are often leant among the all purpose content direction system suited for deployment in many settings. Textpattern is a flexile, graceful and easy-to-use contented direction system. It is both free and overt reference.


Cell nucleus : Nucleus CMS is also one of the most flexile and easy to use and instal contented direction system, aka blog software package. It helps you to bring out a website and lets authors do what they are best at : writing points or clauses, without having to care about arranging and markup.


Serendipity : Serendipity is a PHP freed base app which also helps users with weblog coating which gives the users the most easy way to preserve an on line journal, weblog or even a consummate home page. While the default option package is designed for the casual blogger, Serendipity proffers a flexile, expansile and easy-to-use framework with the powerfulness for professional applications.


Open Blog : Open Blog is a free and easy to use and open reference blogging chopine. Open Blog is constructed using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It provides blogger users with a very powerful as well as easy to use the graphic user interface which takes blogging to a new degree as well as making it a simple and gratifying physical process.


eggBlog : eggBlog is also a free blogging chopine which is a simple blogging system. All you need is PHP and a MySQL database. eggBlog platform comes with the php & mysql web log software package, allowing you to create your own online internet site, diary or weblog (web log) using your own web-space.


Brownie : Imp is an overt reference, free network applications programme. Gremlin will help to create your own web site as well as the overt reference network application program. Users favour to send for it a little, unsubdivided, website manufacturer. Pixy was discharged in middle 2008 and had reached a strong following in the Open Source community . Imp altogether helps a user to create your own website. Plenty of the users advert to this type of computer software as the contented direction system (CMS), I will favour to say that its as modest and as unsubdivided like a Site Maker.

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