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submitting a New Website on Major Search Engines

Once your new website is finished. The next step you should do is register your new website’s Search Engine for can be found by people around the world. 3 Major Search Engines on the internet today is Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Here’s how to level out your new website:

1. Google
Visit Google Add Url, enter information about your website there and then click add url. Furthermore, just waiting for the Google bots to index your new website the new registrations. Almost forgot, if your new website in the form of blogs, list is also on Google Blogsearch.
2. Yahoo
Visit siteexplorer yahoo, click submit the website or webpage. Registration form will have you fill your Alama new website which will be registered. Once again have to wait.
3. MSN
Visit this page. This page refers to the bing, BING is a new search engine from MSN. Fill your new website address there.

Do not worry, if your site has been indexed on 3 search engines, search engines that others will join in. indexing your website.

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