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Ways Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

We all should become accustomed to the cloud. Cloud computing will drastically change how we live our lives. The evolution and progress of cloud computing will be the epitome on how humans and technology help each other grow and live. The tipping point of the Internet of Things, said Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is 2014. That is why 20 years from now we will see a revolution in technology like no other. And perhaps it can be a good or bad thing—just watch the terminator movies and you will realize how bad Skynet can be. Here are the things that you should consider if you really want to put your business on the cloud.

Everyone is going to be a team player

The cloud will become an exciting place for people to collaborate without minding the distance between the members. It is a way to develop products faster and to test the concepts and ideas in a rapid and cheap manner. You will be seeing more startups to be using the cloud for product testing and evaluation. The cloud will be able to come up with complex structures that may not be possible and at the speed that is unheard of. It is also a way to get people slow down and get less anxiety and stress because they would have better control because there would be less interaction that may cause a lot of friction.

No more communication gaps

Cloud computing has set the bar high to let people with diverse tongues to communicate with each other. Translation services that are being done in the cloud closes the gaps in communications and eventually learning a secondary language for business would no longer be needed. Each player in the team will become more confident in expressing their ideas and no longer be afraid to speak up or be misinterpreted. Cloud computing will provide the services that is needed to bridge the language gap between people across the world.

Health care services will become laser sharp

More and more medical students are turning to health apps on mobile to get information about diseases. This will considerably improve the bedside manners of health professionals and improve the delivery of basic health care. The increase in mobile penetration and usage among health professionals of mobile app dove-tails with the flourishing of mobile apps that are developed for the health industry will continue to grow at least in the next 20 years, experts say.

Data security will become more efficient

More people will be more confident that their data will still be intact even if they have lost their laptops. About 10,000 laptops are lost every week in the United States alone. This can be a problem since the data from these laptops can be converted into valuable information to nefarious entities. Increased dependence of cloud storage with military-grade encryption will eliminate concerns about data security. And that’s not all—competition will drive prices down and even increase the storage capacities of basic plans just look at what Box did recently for its iOS customers.

There would no more stress over traffic

Waze and other cloud-based traffic apps will make sure that road rage will be a thing of the past. People would often get a lot of stress while driving and get pretty much anxious about getting late. Now people can tuck away their anxiety because they can effectively plan the best route to go to the office or work with the help of cloud computing and tell users on the road and traffic condition and even the weather to be expected during the drive or commute.

You will be able to buy what you like

There is a problem about web-to-store set ups. Most of the time, the items that you spotted online is not available on the physical store. Cloud computing solves that by giving you a heads up if an item is available on the store that you wish to visit.

Cloud computing comes also with faults. Currently, tech companies are battling the consistent spying of the NSA. But then again, tech companies need to beef up the security and always be ahead of the government to prevent it from snooping. It is the ardent hope of humanity since cloud computing is inevitable it should be made in a way that human beings can really dig into.

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