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What is Shared Hosting?

As we are a Web Host which provides shared hosting, we believe our customers or the ones who want to be our customers should know what shared web hosting is and why we are good at it.

Firstly, there are four main types of Web Hosting Services, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Root Server Hosting and Reseller Hosting. I wont get into others for the moment as Afia Host is all about providing the best Shared Hosting and we have much better plans for the future.

Other names for Shared Hosting are Virtual Hosting or Mass Hosting. All your content and applications which you upload or share on your website are placed on a server which is shared with our other customers who also use are Web Host. However, you do not need to worry as all your information is completely secure and confidential. All our servers which we provide you are managed and monitored by our technicians as it is very important for us to provide you with the best we can.

Also, you don’t need to worry about Shared Hosting as many companies opt in for such a service as it is considerably much cheaper and it works absolutely well. We also provide you with a vast array of tools which you can easily access through our control panel and customize our shared hosting services according to your needs and preferences.

We always encourage our customers to ask us any queries or problems they have and we try our best to support them with all we can. If you are a client and need some extra help, just log-in to our clients area and get the solution for your queries.

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